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Here’s When You Should Use Flatbed Towing Services

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Many people avoid flatbed towing because they feel that it’s too expensive. But, while it’s a bit more costly than wheel-lift towing, this type of towing service is worth the additional dollars since it provides numerous benefits. This is especially true in the following scenarios:

Your car has a four-wheel drive.

As their name implies, four-wheel drive cars are designed and made to be driven with all four wheels on the ground. So, if you use wheel-lift towing (which requires the lifting either the front wheels or the rear wheels) on one of these vehicles, you can end up damaging their transmission system and dealing with extensive damage that’s costly to fix. So, if you own a four-wheel drive car, you must make sure that it will only be towed through the flatbed towing method.

Your car has a low body.

Low-profile vehicles will most likely incur scratched paintwork and auto body damage if they’re put through wheel-lift towing. So, if your car has a low profile, you’ll want to have it towed with a flatbed only. Otherwise, you’ll end up dealing with expensive car repairs, and your vehicle might even lose its aesthetic appeal.

Your car is vintage and/or expensive.

If you have a vintage car that cost you a lot to buy and/or restore, or if you own a high-end vehicle that had a sky-high price tag, you’ll naturally want to protect it from damage. One thing you can do is to use flatbed towing solutions if your car would ever break down while you’re on the road. This way, you can ensure that your car will stay in excellent condition while it’s being towed, and you’ll safeguard your investment and stay away from expensive auto repairs.

These are just some of the instances when using flatbed towing services is the best option. Need to have your car towed now? Get in touch with Lewis Big Trucks Towing and Flatbed Wrecker Services! We are based in Deer Park, TX, and we offer a professional towing service to our customers. Call our team now at (713) 268-9762!

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